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We are convinced that our clients’ short- and long-term business success depends on finding appropriate business partners and suppliers in all strategically important parts of the world.


The EmpraGlob Community: Global business is our terrain

The global EmpraGlob Community (EC) offers the following services to companies in the ICT industry:

  • EmpraGlob ICT Portal (EIP)
  • EmpraGlob Consulting and Coaching Services (ECS)


While EmpraGlob Consulting and Coaching Services take a classic approach to consulting, the EmpraGlob ICT Portal offers an innovative way to leverage the Web 2.0 to more quickly and effectively find and develop appropriate foreign business partnerships.

Thus, we offer our clients and members innovative solutions to actual and future challenges of globalization. Our main focus is fast implementation, with a secondary focus on analyses and concepts as necessary. We concentrate on the concrete creation of value and help our clients and members to act more successfully in foreign markets.

Find out more here: How we work