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  1. What is the EmpraGlob ICT Portal about?

    The EmpraGlob ICT Portal is a business community connecting ICT companies globally.

  2. Where does the name EmpraGlob come from?

    EmpraGlob is a so-called portmanteau (a blend), composed of Empra and Glob. Empra is short for the Portuguese and Spanish word empresa (company), which has the same Latin origin as the English word enterprise. Glob is short for global. The term EmpraGlob is a registered trademark of EmpraGlob GmbH.

  3. Who can participate in the EmpraGlob ICT Portal?

    The EmpraGlob ICT Portal is a global organization that accepts membership from companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry from all over the world.

  4. Does EmpraGlob pursue any national interests?

    No, all countries are equal in the EmpraGlob ICT Portal. We operate as if the entire world were a single entity.

  5. Can I also find local business contacts in my country?

    Yes, this may be possible. But please consider that our services focus on enabling international business partnerships.

  6. Our company is already active internationally. Will we still benefit from the EmpraGlob ICT Portal?

    As long as you do not have a full global marketing strategy, you may benefit from a membership. Sign up for a free trial membership and evaluate our services.

  7. We are looking for sales representatives rather than business partners. Can you help us?

    We are sorry, but we don’t search for personnel.

  8. How can I contact EmpraGlob?

    Due to the international nature of the EmpraGlob ICT Portal, which encompasses different time zones, we prefer contact by email. Please write only in English. We will try to get back to you within 1–2 working days. For details, please visit our Contact page.

  9. Which browsers does the EmpraGlob ICT Portal support?

    The EmpraGlob ICT Portal is optimized for Firefox 3 and later, Google Chrome 4 and later, Internet Explorer 6 to 8, Opera 9 and later, and Safari 3 and later.

  10. How secure is the transmission of my data?

    When transferring your data (member profile, event bookings, and payment data), the EmpraGlob ICT Portal is protected by https, a special, secure internet protocol.

  11. How is my country supported by EmpraGlob ICT Portal services?

    The EmpraGlob Member Database, Knowledge Center, and Events are available to members of all countries and regions. Availability of the EmpraGlob Consulting and Coaching Services depends on the country. Take a look at our Office Locations page for availability and the support planning roadmap.

  12. Which language does the EmpraGlob Community use?

    Since the EmpraGlob ICT Portal Community is a global one, we use English as our common language. We ask our members to communicate in a way that is free of cliché and unnecessary jargon in order to build understanding and avoid confusion about meaning.

  13. The web pages of some of the EmpraGlob members are not yet available in English. How can I find out what these companies do?

    For an initial assessment, you can use automatic website translators like Google translate, which allow you to navigate in various languages through web pages; however, these translations are frequently inaccurate. For more detailed information, we recommend that you contact the member.

  14. There are no companies listed in one of my targeted countries. Is there another way to get contacts for companies in that country?

    The EmpraGlob ICT Portal Community is growing daily. If there are no members listed in a particular country today, there might be members tomorrow. Beyond that, you can ask us when we plan to conduct marketing activities in a particular country.

  15. How do I sign up for the EmpraGlob ICT Portal?

    The first step is to complete the registration form. You will immediately receive a confirmation email, containing a link to confirm your email address. Once you have completed that step, we will vet your registration. This will take about three working days. If everything is in order, we’ll activate your account and send you confirmation via email, and your free trial period will begin.

  16. How much is a membership?

    No payment is required to register; payment will only be required after your free one-month trial. Membership fees depend on company size, payment method, and billing cycle. For more information, consult our Price List.

  17. What if my free trial ends and I haven’t had time to test the EmpraGlob ICT Portal, or I still have questions?

    Please contact us with any questions. On request, it is also possible to extend your trial membership.

  18. Which payment methods do you accept?

    We gladly accept payment via wire transfer or with a credit card via PayPal. Before you have finished your free trial, just click on the “Payment Page” link, or go to My Profile, click on Edit, and then click on the “Payment Page” link. On the Payment Page, you can choose between different options of membership and payment methods.

  19. What happens if I pay my membership fee during the free trial period or during a one-time membership period?

    Paid membership will always be added to the trial period or to the one-time membership period.

  20. How do I cancel my membership?

    The one-month free trial and one-time membership end automatically, without notice. For subscriptions (recurring payments), a notice is sent via email 30 days before the contract term expires. No refunds will be given.

  21. Does EmpraGlob charge VAT?

    With the exception of German-based customers, EmpraGlob does not charge VAT.

  22. How do I make changes to my profile?

    You can change most of your account details in your profile after you log in to your account. Certain details, such as company web address and company size, will be changed only by email request.

  23. How do I change my password?

    You can change your password on the My Profile page after logging in.

  24. What should I do if I forgot my password?

    In the Member Area you will find a link to the Lost Password page.

  25. What are EmpraGlob ACPs?

    EmpraGlob Accredited Consulting Partners (ACPs) are independent management consultants whose expertise and experience have been checked prior to accreditation by EmpraGlob. Their main task is to perform EmpraGlob Consulting and Coaching Services.

  26. What do EmpraGlob ACPs charge for their services?

    EmpraGlob ACPs have different methods of calculating price. EmpraGlob neither has influence on these prices nor receives any commissions. Please contact EmpraGlob ACPs directly for a quote.

  27. Can I enroll in an EmpraGlob Event without being an EmpraGlob member, client, or ACP?

    We are sorry, this is not possible. But if you meet the membership criteria, you can sign up for a one-month free trial. During this time you can also enroll in EmpraGlob Events.

  28. Who can participate in the EmpraGlob ICT Forum?

    The EmpraGlob ICT Forum is available only to the EmpraGlob Community.

  29. How do I register for the EmpraGlob ICT Forum?

    Every member of the EmpraGlob Community is automatically registered for the EmpraGlob ICT Forum. Your name in the EmpraGlob ICT Forum will be the same user name (not your personal name) that you use to log in to the EmpraGlob ICT Portal.