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Strong international networking capabilities via email, forum, and phone are only one aspect of the EmpraGlob ICT Portal. We are well aware that electronic communication will never supersede face-to-face conversation.

Hence, we offer our community a comprehensive range of events with the best business contacts. Live networking, workshops with experts, and international conferences are, therefore, another aspect of the EmpraGlob Community.

We promote the success of your business with the following events, which take place regularly:



EmpraGlob Member Meeting

Type of event: Bar Camp

Regions*: Americas, AP, EMEA

Participants: EmpraGlob Community (clients, members, ACPs)



EmpraGlob ICT Workshop

Type of event: Workshop

Regions*: Americas, AP, EMEA

Participants: EmpraGlob Community, external experts



EmpraGlob Global ICT Conference

Type of event: Conference

Region: Worldwide

Participants: EmpraGlob Community, keynote speakers, external experts


*"Region" refers only to the region in which the event takes place. We welcome the worldwide EmpraGlob community to all events.